Youth For Peace

y4p headerYouth For Peace [Y4P] provides youth a safe, supervised environment that assists them with the realities of their everyday life, guidance on how to deal with pressing issues, and the ambition to strive for positive opportunities that will drive them to attain their goals and ultimately, a better future.  Y4P provides a place where youth can simply be themselves, be heard, and be understood.

For generations, music has unified people together for a common cause for world peace to standing up against social injustices. Y4P reach out to their peers by sharing their message through music and the performing arts. It provides an opportunity for youth to take their streets back from violence and inform their peers how they can make this change in their own school, home and neighborhood. During the YFP shows, audiences receive a free compilation CD with original music written, produced, recorded and performed by Youth For Peace. It includes their own experiences, their hopes, dreams and the change they want to see in the world.

Y4P Season 1:  Songwriting, Recording, CD Compilation and One Love Youth for Peace Tour

Y4P Season 2: Visual Media, Music Videos, Radio, Social Media, Interviews and Choose Peace, Stop the Violence Campaigns

Y4P Season 3: Audio Engineering, Music Production, Racial Equity & Healing

Y4P Season 4: Coming Soon April 2015.  To apply for the program or for more information, contact us at passionsociety[at]

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