How You Can Help


We are committed to working with youth to provide them the opportunities and resources to develop their passion and recognize their potential.  Despite the adversities and challenges our youth face, we recognize that we are working with youth that are resilient, highly intelligent and naturally want to be connected to other youth in their lives, their family and their community.  Starting with learning about their history, culture, sharing their experiences, learning from their elders, and most of all taking pride in all that they do; allowed every young person to progress in ways they never experienced or seen before.  The approach to surround them with caring adults and using this continued support fueled their self-esteem and confidence to become more open, to try new things and picture a positive future with goals planned and paths carved for success.

Become a part of it all.  Be a mentor, a volunteer or a supporter.  Your gift, no matter what size, makes a valuable and immediate difference to our youth and our programs.  We have reached over 20,000 youth here in the United States and in the Philippines.

Please note:  All programs are offered for FREE.

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